These Ming Stackable bowls form the “Faux Samblants” collection are the perfect addition to any dinner party. The Ming Stackable Bowls all comein laquer red outsidewith intricate prints of traditional chinese art print motifs on the inside of the bowls and plates.The Sets are perfect for getting out on special occasions, as the prints are sure to kick start conversations about how beautiful they are.

Each of the Ming stackable bowl sets come with:

- 2 bowl
- 2 salad bowls
- 1 serving plate
- 1 small pot with lit

The bowls are made in France by the iconic designer brand ibride.

Assembled Set Height: 39 cm; Diameter: 22.5 cm

Bowls: Ø 22 cm and Ø 21 cm, Ø 14 cm and Ø 11 cm 

Plate: Ø 22 cm

cup: Ø 7 cm

Red Ming Set of Bowls & Plates by iBride

  • Ibride has been combining reality with the mystical to create unique and stunning designs since 1996. With a multitude of animals and enigmatic characters inspiring their wide range of home products, this French designer combines function and form with spectacular results. Make a stand against the standard and let your interior tell its own story….

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